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Management Summary

One of my favourite jobs in my intensive phase as Scrum Master in different projects was the design of different Retrospectives. In this article you will except:

Abbildung1: Titelbild/Eigene Darstellung


“Pay for knowledge” wird von immer mehr Leute in China akzeptiert, insbesondere die, die einen großen Bedarf an Wissenserweiterung haben, die zeitgleich leider der Zeit oder der Gewohnheit fehlen.

In diesem Fallstudien erwartest Du:

Figure 1: Title (source: Self-creation with Canva)

Management Summary

“Pay for knowledge” is being accepted by people in China, especially those who have needs on gaining knowledge via reading but have no time or habit for reading. In this case study you will expect:

Be humble and observative in everyday life, you will learn quite a lot. This is one comment to my above post on LinkedIn.

This time it is about building a Duplo Railway. My 3-year-old boy started by observing how his 6-year-old brother build with Duplo. Having no burden at all…

Originated from the Japanese Martial art Aikido, the concept “Shu-Ha-Ri” describes the typical process in mastering almost any skill:

Shu — Precisely following the basic rules, do exactly as the teachers do.

Ha — Further develop the skills by trying something different.

Ri — Make your own story and be…

Generally speaking, Innovation Management is about how to pick an innovation-promising idea and turn it into revenue.

We all know or have heard about the quote that: “Ideas are nothing, execution is everything” or something similar to that, e.g. the evangelist of OKR John Doerr said:

Source: Quotefancy

How to pick the…

Happy Meal is sometimes more than just a happy meal, especially if the users (kids usually), customers (parents usually), the management (McDonald) and the product development team (the franchising restaurants) are happy about the results.

This time, a simple happy meal also make the cooperations partner (Schleich) and observers (I…

Innovation begins from observation. Observation in our everyday life helps us to recognize needs unmet. Behind needs unmet there is a problem to be solved. By solving a problem in an unusual way we gain innovative solutions. A successfully commercialized innovative solution is a true innovation. …

With great interest I read the article “Marvel’s Blockbuster Maschine” of Harvard Business Review (2019/07). Being impressed as a Marvel-Fan I found the insights shared not only applicable for organization but also for each individual. Inspired by this article I also drew a few graphics to accompany my blog post.

My own drawing for this post

The topic I want to share today, as mentioned in the title, has something to do between Chinese and Entrepreneurship/Innovation Management.

The multiple application of the word “CHUANG” in Chinese

As showed in the graphic above, there are a few words starting with the Chinese word “創(CHUANG)”:

創意 means “Creative Idea”, from solving daily problems to starting one’s own…

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